Mutual Admiration

Coach Patrick is infatuated with baby-faced new recruit Ethan Tate. All it takes is a few squats and lunges in a private lesson to make Ethan feel the same way!

Coach dropped his shorts, revealing a perfect set of beefy glutes framed by a sweaty white jockstrap. The boy wasted no time getting his hands back on the man’s ass, skin-to-skin now, fingertips to flesh. Coach Patrick asked if he could see what Ethan looked like without the shorts, and the boy happily obliged. Coach Patrick immediately noticed that even though he had an impressive ass, the boy in front of him had a disproportionately-large cock to complement it. Ethan’s white jock was like a cage, barely capable of containing the beast inside it.

The man let his hands roam all over the boy’s smooth, hairless frame. Ethan, mesmerized by their shared body heat, continued to paw at the Coach’s meaty cheeks. Coach Patrick wasted no time in letting his lips lock with the boy’s, quickly slipping him the tongue. After just a bit of flavor, he felt the overwhelming urge to taste the boy’s piece…