Nick Woods, Chapter 1: Getting Back In

Coach Patrick was no stranger to having one-on-one training sessions with new recruits. Nick Woods was one such rookie on the team—Coach Patrick had noticed this absolutely gorgeous boy and his breathtaking build during tryouts. All his athletic talent aside, though, Coach was hoping to have the boy demonstrate his prowess in other areas.

Nick had been benched for bad behavior. He’d also heard rumors from other players and was well aware of the Coach’s wandering eye and hungry hole. So, naturally, Nick used his private time with Coach Patrick to get back in the game by any means necessary.

Coach Patrick couldn’t help but size up the handsome young man– the DILF sitting there trying to feign confidence, essentially begging by bargaining. Nick, too, couldn’t help but notice Coach Patrick’s bulging muscles, thick thighs, and other things that were bulging out of the older man’s shorts and tank-top. After a few moments of scrutiny, Nick planted his lips on the Coach’s mouth. Coach Patrick did not hesitate in replying—he let his hands roam over the boy’s body and peeled off his shorts.

The boy was now only wearing his sweaty white jockstrap, his shirt pulled all the way up and hanging over his shoulders as Coach began devouring his hard twink meat. Coach Patrick shamelessly swallowed the boy’s rod whole, gagging on it.

So, the rumors were true, Nick thought…