Ethan Tate, Chapter 2: Hot for Coach

Weeks had passed and, through Coach’s training and supervision, their bond seemed to strengthen quicker than both had imagined. Ethan had been improving with every session, but it wasn’t until one particularly hard day for Ethan that the sexual tension between the two came to a head.

There had been moments when Coach wanted to grab Ethan’s face and shove his throbbing cock down Ethan’s throat. As Ethan sat down in the locker room venting out his grievances about the day, Coach couldn’t help but grab Ethan close to comfort him with a large, warm body. The mixed smell of Ethan’s sweat and the used locker room jockstraps intoxicated them both, and the Coach’s cock started to grow during even their brief body contact. Then, Coach felt something brush against him—he wasn’t the only one getting excited about being this close! Ethan realized what had happened and quickly covered his growing hard-on as he backed away.

“Nothing to be ashamed of,” Coach Dan reassured the boy. “It happens.”

“It happens when…” Ethan stammered, “…I think of you.”

Ethan may have spoken shyly, his voice low and his eyes darting, but he rubbed the growing cock underneath his shorts still the same. They looked at each other, and knew what to do without speaking. They undressed each other in that locker room, their moans echoing, their sweat pooling on the floor.

Ethan bent the larger, older man over into any position he craved, mercilessly ramming the Coach’s mouth first, then bending him over to expose his jockstrap-clad, meaty rear. Having a big man like Coach completely fold to him—that’s what got Ethan’s sprint going.