Flip Flop

Some time has passed since Coach Angus touched base with Austin, the twink he guided through his first topping session. The older man was incredibly proud of the progress his trainee had made. Austin has definitely surpassed his Coach’s expectations. Everyone would always assume that, due to the boy’s smaller stature, he wouldn’t have the stamina to really perform in the big leagues. It was a thought that has never been able to escape the coach’s mind either.

After spending the day watching the boys go through different drills for soccer practice, Coach Angus’s eyes are drawn to Austin’s smooth bubble butt bouncing around the field. With red soccer socks pulled up to his knees and backwards baseball cap resting on his head, the twink’s every motion got noticed by the muscular Daddy. Coach recognized a familiar stirring in his own shorts as his attraction to the boy grew with every bead of sweat forming along Austin’s brow.

With the sharp blow of his whistle, Coach brings the practice to a close and sends the other boys home. He makes sure to give Austin a sly grin when asking for a moment with him. This twink knows all too well what a ‘private one-on-one’ with his Coach means, but he’s a little surprised to hear that Coach Angus wants a turn on the sweaty boy’s hole.

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