Andrew Powers, Chapter 2: Top Tryout

Coach Dillon Stone has kept a sharp eye on new tryout Andrew Powers and he really likes what he sees.

The young, fresh-faced twink comes with nary a hair on his perfectly baby-smooth body. Coach Stone also has noticed that young Andrew has spent some real ‘quality one-on-one time
with nearly all of the other coaches. The muscle-bound silver fox decided it was high time he get a shot!

So one fine afternoon after practice, Coach Stone was about to suggest to Andrew that they meet up at the Coach’s Lounge. But before he could say anything to the boy, Andrew scampered over to the towering coach, reached over and took his hand. Andrew winked and giggled as he pulled Coach Stone towards the Coach’s Lounge!

Once alone together, one thing led to another and soon Andrew and Coach Stone were naked! They were really having a wild go at it, when all of the sudden…Team Captain Cole Blue struts into the lounge! At the moment, Andrew had been very busy power-rimming the gasping DILF beneath him. To Coach Stone’s amazement, Andrew didn’t seem surprised by Cole’s sudden, suspiciously timed appearance.

The next thing the daddy-bottom knew, Cole and Andrew slapped high-fives. Then Cole casually said:

“Thanks, bro, for getting Coach ready for me.”