Austin Young, Chapter 11: Off the Field

Up-and-coming soccer stud Jay James had finally garnered the attention and sweet affection from team captain Austin Young. The two had been teammates for quite some time, but as far as Jay could ascertain, Austin always had eyes for the head coaches and their assistants.

And yet one fine day, Jay’s jaw hit the floor when Austin winked and made a flirty pass. And when Jay found himself at Austin’s flat later that evening, he had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming!

Next thing Jay knows, he and Austin are buck-naked and all over each other. After some hot, mutual body exploration, Austin can’t help but play with Jay’s exquisitely sexy uncut cock—and it’s a big one! But certainly not as big as Jay’s eyes as supremely horny team captain Austin starts calling the action plays–not that Jay minds!

After a good long back and forth of some hot oral, Austin’s next move is to put Jay flat on his back and expose the jock boy’s hole. Austin’s a natural top and he’s ready to go! Jay holds his legs back and flashes a big grin. He’s been fantasizing about this very moment since the first day they met.

And if fantasy does indeed sometimes become reality, Jay is about to get his tight bottom pounded like a champ….