Milo Miles, Chapter 7: Casual Fridays

Thank God it’s Friday! My company, Stone and Associates, had taken on several new clients and the workload that ensued was massive. It was well past quitting time, but as usual, I had stayed late. My dutiful and ever diligent coworker, Milo, was also still working hard right alongside me.

I was ready to check out and go start my weekend, but I got that same old hankering for the Latin stud’s huge cock again, and I figured if he was down to fuck, well, that would be an awesome way to kick things off!

And of course, Milo was eager and rarin’ to go. Before the ever-ready twink could even shut off his laptop, he was already licking his lips and loosening the top buttons of his work shirt. I was rock-hard. We nearly knocked our chairs and the table over trying to get to one another!

I love how excited the young hottie gets when we’re tearing each other’s clothes off. Milo is awesome at everything that he does, but I gotta say—he knows how to work that tongue in a variety of delicious ways. Drives a seriously horny silver fox like myself wild.

I barely had my slacks down when Milo spun me around and dropped to his knees. The boy has a penchant for DILF anus and he really knows how to plunge that amazing tongue in deep!