Grant Ducati, Chapter 2: Staying Behind

Maybe I had forgotten just how horny these younger lads can get, but in no time the space between us on the couch is filled with Grant’s young, toned body coming ever closer. Just as effortlessly as Grant slides across the sofa, I slide onto my knees and take his big cock into my mouth.

The way his face contorted once I pushed his throbbing hard member past my lips; that level of ecstasy turns me on like nothing else. You’d have thought I grabbed one of the cue sticks from the billiard table next to us, he is so long and hard! He even puts his hands behind his head, that’s how much he’s into it.

It’s surreal to feel his smaller hands try to grasp around my muscular ass cheeks when I bend over for him. Grant is so tender in the way he massages my hole with his tongue and gets my crack slippery wet. He grabs the waistband of his shirt and throws it around the back of his neck before feasting on my beefy bottom.

He positions my body exactly as he wants, lining up his cue stick like he’s ready to sink those balls into my crack over and over again. Grant can’t hold back any longer: he begins thrust to that gorgeous dick forward and I’m speechless as he works me over. I love feeling his heavy sack slap against my backside…