Ethan Tate & Chris Keaton Encounter

I remember waking up and there being a slight draft in the room. I couldn’t quite see my surroundings, just the darkness. When I realized I couldn’t move my arms and legs, it suddenly all came back to me.

I had been talking to this handsome guy at the bar. He was a beautiful brunette with dewy eyes and soft lips. He introduced himself as Ethan Tate, and asked if I’d be willing to play a little game with him.

Next thing I know, I’m completely naked on all fours with a ball-gag in my mouth. With each moment of realization and each fragment of my returning memory, my cock starts to rise. As frightened as I am, I’m equally aroused against all logic, and can’t wait until I can see what Ethan has in store for the rest of his game.

He entered the dark room. His lean body was adorned with a leather harness—that softness I saw in his face before became far more harsh when framed by leather and low light. As soon as his fingers touched my skin, my blood rushed. It was electric. My cock throbbed out of control, painfully. As he admired my flesh like a prized possession, I grew hungry, needy for more of his touch. My body, my will – all were his to grope, to knead.

An explosion of heat reached the walls of my hole as his tongue started to explore inside. I moaned reflexively, trapped by unyielding pleasure. I knew I’d be bound to him for as long as he needed me and for whatever he needed of me.