Tyler Tanner & Liam Evans Encounter 2

In a dimly lit dungeon, submissive bottom Liam Evans is gagged with his hands bound behind his back. Tyler Tanner walks in, hard-cocked, with one intent: to dominate his fellow twink’s jockstrap-laden ass with a long, painful spanking session.

Liam winces and whines as the slaps on his ass cheeks get harder and harder. He feels humiliated and aroused at the same time. The pain is exquisite; Tyler mocks Liam for, despite the cries and struggling, seeming to enjoy the treatment. After all, he’s tenting! Liam’s jockstrap struggles to hold down his submissive, abuse-loving erection.

Tyler bends down and plants his face between Liam’s ass cheeks, tasting his sub’s hole before sticking in a few fingers. Liam’s cries grow louder from the entry of the digits. Tyler continues to taste and finger Liam’s hole while slapping his ass—by the time Tyler’s had his way, Liam’s cheeks have turned bright red.

Tyler eventually tires of the games, though. Unable to tease his bottom any further, Tyler slides his cock into Liam’s hungry hole raw. He pumps his cock in and out of Liam, driving the spanked twink to ecstasy, until he deposits a load into Liam’s guts.