Tyler Tanner & Andrew Bolt Encounter 3

Submissive twink Tyler Tanner waits in a sling, clad in all the requisite leather gear a boy like him should wear: nothing but a collar and black jockstrap. His hands are bound by taut leather cuffs at one end while his ankles are locked in stirrups at the other. His mouth is duct-taped shut and his cock bounces with excitement as he waits for his dominant twink top, Andrew Bolt. He needs Andrew. He needs him in this dimly lit dungeon. He needs to be used and abused.

Andrew makes his way in wearing a sinister red-lined leather harness. He taunts, teases, and titillates Tyler by stroking the sub’s rigid dick. The bound boy can only respond by whining and whinging in pleasured moans muffled and lost by the duct tape sealing his mouth.

After he’s had enough of teasing his plaything, Andrew moves to the sub’s hole and prods it with his tongue, fingers, and a toy. Eventually, though, the top tires of these games, and needs to pump and unload. He slides his cock into Tyler’s starving chute, and pumps his rock-hard meat in and out of Tyler’s hungry hole. Soon his balls tighten, and his cock spews another load into his muffled bottom. He leaves Tyler there, dangling, dripping. When he’s ready, he’ll use him again.