Ethan Tate and Zayne Bright Encounter 3

Zayne Bright could feel his hole itching for the most powerful load he had ever felt go up his slave hole. Just remembering the sensation drove him into a frenzy! He could still feel the leather bindings rubbing against his wrists as he surrendered to his master, leather-bound twink Ethan Tate.

Ethan has the slave strapped up and dangling from the ceiling in a sex-swing. The dom top immediately asserts himself by grabbing Zayne’s smooth chest and commenting on the gooseflesh that begins to appear the moment the master’s hand makes contact with his slave’s skin.

“I’m gonna toy with you today” Ethan flashes a devilish grin as he pets his groaning bottom.

Master Ethan’s hands force their way around the smooth cheeks of Zayne’s ass, tactilely admiring the body that lay sprawled out before him. Zayne’s eyes look as though they are carrying a weight in them–a burning lust that needs reigniting. The leather-harnessed top hungrily dives into the hairless hole and begins to feast on the fuck tunnel. His tongue lashes and licks at the entrance with greed, making it nice and wet.

Ethan pulls out a large black doorknob-sized buttplug, intending to stretch his bottom’s super tight hole. Using nothing but spit as lube, the toy wiggles its way into Zayne’s presenting backside. The duct-tape does little to withhold the moans of shock and pleasure that erupt from the slave.

Ethan then positions himself with his big dick hovering over his eager slave’s hole. With smooth and steady pacing, Ethan’s cock glides effortlessly into the vocal bottom boy. Watching every inch of his master-cock disappear inside Zayne’s wide-open hole, Ethan leaves his slave’s hole a complete mess.