Tyler Tanner and Liam Evans Encounter 3

Liam Evans is back in Tyler Tanner’s web: gagged, suspended from chains, and left for his master to find.

Tyler is rock-hard before the camera even starts rolling, but who wouldn’t be? Liam is the sweetest twink treat one can find in a dungeon. Liam struggles—he acts like he isn’t so sure about this, but he sure keeps coming back for more.

Tyler takes his time enjoying his fuck toy, stroking Liam’s soft pale skin and slender chest and covering him in tender kisses. Then, Tyler picks up a marking pen and, ignoring Liam’s protests (“No” can sound a lot like “Please, Sir!” when a fuck toy has a gag in his mouth) he writes “SLUT” on Liam’s chest. Just in case the boy needed to be reminded.

Tyler then reaches into Liam’s jock, pulls out his prick, and jacks Liam until he’s hard and throbbing.Once Tyler has Liam moaning and squirming with over-stimulation, he gets down to business. He drops to his knees and starts chowing down on Liam’s delicious ass.

Then, it’s time to fuck. He slides into Liam’s opened up hole in a single smooth stroke. With Liam hanging by his wrists, there aren’t many positions to fuck in besides standing up, but standing up is good when you’re plowing an ass as sweet as Liam’s.

Tyler fucks Liam long and slow, enjoying every thrust into the sub’s tight twink hole. Even the sturdiest dom can only hold out so long, though, before he has to fill his little twink slut up with a hot sticky load of cum.


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