Ethan Tate and Chris Keaton Encounter 2

Chris Keaton keeps finding himself bound and gagged in one dungeon after another and always acts like he doesn’t know exactly how he got there. That’s the case in Ethan’s Tate’s dungeon today. Having already played with Chris on several occasions, Ethan knows just how to threaten this bottom boy into a good time.

Really, though, anybody with a cute twink like Chris hanging from the dungeon ceiling is going to take their time appreciating that smooth pale body before they fuck him. Ethan is in no hurry, and the squirms and moans of just from Chris end up setting off more stroking, kissing, and nibbling from Ethan.

Chris’ tasty ass is just too much to resist and Ethan drops to his knees to give it the attention that it deserves. He dives in, face first, between those sweet twink buns. His tongue finds his fuck toy’s tight hole and goes to work. Alternating between fingers and tongue, Ethan slowly opens Chris’ hole up to take Ethan’s large dom-cock. Ethan’s taking his time enjoying this treat. It’s not like Chris is going anywhere…