The Boy Jack Waters, Chapter 1: The Grooming

Master Banner was ready. But by the looks of the young, innocent-looking twink standing nervously before him in the Grooming Chamber, he was certain The Boy had no idea what was about to happen. It’s always the guarantee of a jackpot payday that gets the inexperienced ones in the door. But once there, sometimes they panic and flee—especially when they see the dildo come out.

On this particular evening, The Boy Jack had just signed his first contract with the Buyer’s Club. The bi-curious boy had never engaged in anal sex before. Boy Jack really needed the money so he complied with every single command in return.. but not without the nervousness one might expect.

Master Banner snapped his fingers and clapped his hands sharply. The newly hired Slaveboy’s shyness and meek demeanor had no effect whatsoever on how the strict gentleman was going to proceed.

Once the wide-eyed twink finally had his clothes off and crawled up on all fours atop the grooming altar, Master Banner wasted no time pouring smooth oil all over the boy. And the moment the DILF pulled out the long, curved glass dildo and placed the bulbous head against Boy Jack’s pink, tight, virgin hole, the fresh-faced twink knew this was about to get real!