Xavier Sullies An Angel – Part 3

After all the fun Xavier has had with Angel in parts 1 and 2, he’s ready to steal the boy’s cum. He knows he’s given him a pretty big load to splash after toying with his cock so much and pounding his tight hole, so he’s ready to see the result. With the naked boy more than eager he gets Angel on the plank, roping him down tight. Angel doesn’t seem to mind the itching cord restricting him, he’s just desperate to get the release he needs after so much torment. Xavier gets to work on the boy’s big erection, rubbing his meat up and down, fingering the swollen wet helmet, jacking him off hard and fast until Angel signals he can’t hold back and a blasting fountain of semen gushes from his pole! The boy slings jets of cock cream from his dome while Xavier rubs, his hand getting gooey from all the milky mess pumping out of his sub boy. It’s a great finish for a hot session, we’re sure Angel will be back for more soon.



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