Wrestlers Timber Harvest and Justin Stone

Timber Harvest likes to wrestle. There’s only one problem. He’s not exactly the best when it comes to pinning down a twink. However, what Timber lacks in style, he makes up for with his dark good looks, sexy smile, and humongous cock. One might say, Timber has winning ways. Justin Stone knows what Timber has, and Justin wants it bad! And his desire makes Justin weak enough to give Timber the upper hand. Timber wastes little time in pulling down Justin’s singlet and exposing that tender, puckered starburst. He proceeds to eat Justin, rimming his sweet ass, filling the hole with his thick tongue. Timber then pulls out his huge tool. Justin devours it, sucking hard. Once the curved, thick slab is spit-lubed, Timber slides his raw cock balls deep inside Justin and starts to thrust. He’s slow at first, then picks up speed, stretching Justin open as he bareback fucks the dirty-minded, slutty twink whore. But Justin’s hole is way too tight, and the sub cock fiend knows how to milk Timber’s uncut, throbbing shaft. Timber spews all over Justin’s belly, then Justin impales himself, riding Timber like a bronco. But Timber needs to drive. He flips Justin on his back, spreads his legs, and keeps pounding the slender, dick-hungry bottom until he’s fucked the jizz out of Justin.


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