Apprentice White, Chapter 4: The Covenant

Apprentice White was suitably submissive as he crawled into the room, his white ceremonial gown clinging perilously to his body. I instructed him to wash my feet; an erotic ritual which the boy took gratifyingly seriously.

I instructed him to stand, and slowly ran my hands over the flesh which the flimsy fabric left exposed before untying the ribbons allowing the white robe to billow to the floor, leaving the boy entirely naked.

I could feel my dick throbbing so I instructed Apprentice White to drop to his knees, unbuttoning my shirt and looking into his ice-blue eyes as I seductively pulled my pants down. I had forgotten quite how good that boy’s mouth feels as it explored my forbidden fruit. He is a remarkably adept deep-throater.

I threw him onto the bed and pushed his legs over his shoulders so that I could get my tongue inside his tight little hole. He was soon gasping and moaning. Master Snow was present, so I called him over and instructed him to hold the boy’s legs in position.

Apprentice White’s entire body started to shake as I pushed myself into him but I was soon able to bang the boy with some degree of force. I got myself into a push-up position and continued to skewer him, knowing that every muscle in my body was tense and flexing.

I pulled out and flipped the boy onto all fours, immediately pushing my swollen dick back inside him. Master Snow knelt down and kissed the boy with extreme tenderness.

I closed my eyes and fucked harder and faster, before exploding thick ribbons of semen deep into the boy’s guts.