Jordan Kiffeur and Greg Century

Jordan loves sportswear; his wardrobe is full of it. The soft, shiny fabrics give him a thrill, and when he’s wearing a tracksuit, sex is never far from his mind.

He’s been cooped up in his apartment all day, waiting, with increasing impatience, for the delivery of a washing machine. The delivery guy’s name is Greg, and he’s been working hard all day going as fast as he can, but sadly Jordan’s the final drop-off on his very long list, so Jordan and his sportswear are left waiting.

All is instantly forgiven when Greg finally arrives. He’s wearing a seriously sexy tracksuit. For Jordan—hell, for most men—he couldn’t be more perfect.

Within seconds, the two are all over each other, kissing passionately and wantonly groping. Jordan subserviently drops to his knees and gets to work on Greg’s massive, sweaty member, sucking it hard as the masculine delivery guy rams it deep into his throat. Talk about a great reward at the end of a long, hard day!

Greg soon has Jordan leaning over the new washing machine with a stinking sneaker pressed over his mouth. After eating Jordan out and semi-fisting him, Greg stands and lines his beautiful penis up with Jordan’s muscular, ripe ass. He penetrates, slowly to begin with, then picks up the pace. He’s soon relentlessly banging a gasping Jordan with extreme and intense force, experimenting with a variety of positions to achieve the perfect thrust to send themselves over the edge.

It’s all too stimulating and Jordan just can’t hold on any longer, suddenly blasting his huge load all over the top of the washing machine. Probably not the first load he expected to put in it, but he feels great about it.