Secrets of the beguiling house at the heart of Jake Jaxson’s HAPPY ENDINGS are revealed in Part 3 with Greyson Myles & Lane Colten as two lonely, broken young men who find love through passionate, liberating sex in each other’s arms. Their romantic tale, spiced with a little kink, unfolds under the watchful eye of Shae Reynolds in his CockyBoys debut as a character VERY familiar to viewers of the classic ANSWERED PRAYERS!

Greyson and Lane fool around secretly at night, but by day things change as they bond and find joy in each other’s company. When sensitive Greyson sees the pain in Lane’s face, he offers solace by lying in bed with him, triggering Lane’s lust. However, his growing feelings for Greyson make Lane slow down and opt for romantic passion. He feeds his huge cock to Greyson’s eager mouth and face fucks him like he’s making love.

Greyson’s simple, endearing words keep the mood going even as Lane ties him up and has his way with him and fucks him. Greyson is all in for being dominated so eventually the bondage is superfluous as Lane unties him and they fuck in numerous positions, drawing them closer in every sense.

Greyson confesses he needs this and that accelerates Lane’s passion. He fucks a massive load out of Greyson who begs for the same from Lane who excitedly shoots globs over his sweet bottom. Lane is incredulous over what just happened and he too confesses he needed this. Again, they hold each other in bed sweetly reposing contentedly.


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