Cum To My Car

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, when you get home, a warm, and sexy, mouth is immediately needed. So much so that waiting to get indoors is close to impossible. That’s the dilemma Colby Chambers faces in today’s update. He’s shirtless, in the driveway, leaning against a car. Tyler Tanner is in front of Colby. On his knees. He pulls down Colby’s shorts, swallowing all of his cock. Colby grabs Tyler’s throat to make sure that consummate tongue does its job. Tyler handles every thrust; his nose nestles in Colby’s bush. A trail of spit acts like a bridge from Tyler’s mouth to the tip of Colby’s dick. Colby’s man, Mickey Knox, is on the sidelines, filming everything. He takes his shirt off, standing next to his boo for a closer look. “Show me that pretty face, boy,” he says to Tyler. He looks up. His mouth stuffed with meat….


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