Back to Greece Part 23

It’s another busy day in the villa. As well as Kirk Gauguin and Elio Chalamet taking photos and Serge Cavalli and Riff Dornan shooting hardcore, Helmut and Jerome are running around capturing the backstage footage for us. In the second part of the video, you’ll meet our boys on the beach where they are planning their evening escapade. The truth is that the production team sometimes trust the boys too much and leave them without surveillance. But this is exactly when things start to happen. Sometimes we only find out what has been going on from somebody’s video during editing or when they call us for help. And that’s exactly what happened when Kevin cut his leg on a rock on the beach. But they are all so cute that you can’t be mad at them for long. Even after spending a night in hospital with Kevin, who left with over 20 stitches.

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