How to Build a Perfect Threesome

Reece Jackson is busy building a rather complicated shelving unit, when beautiful buddies Garrett Kinsley, and Kai Taylor turn up. The pretty pair join Reece, finding every necessary screw, and dowel to deliver a beautiful, well built unit. Teamwork definitely made this dream work; and, Jackson is more than happy to thank the handyman hotties in his bedroom. The thirsty thrupple close the door behind them; then, get down to some real work! The tasty twinks take turns on one another’s ample, apple headed appendages, in several cock stiffening combinations, before Taylor winds up with Reece’s tongue plunged in his horny hole, and his mouth full of Kinsley’s cock! The lusty three don’t skimp on the dirty talk, as Jackson jimmys his juicy jock inside Taylor’s tight, twink tunnel. Garret, and Reece work as a well oiled unit, filling the sexy, brown skinned beauty full of fuck, at each end. After a sizzling, spit roast, Reece rides Garrett’s well engorged groin, while Kai fucks his face, then rides it! From here on out, it’s a balls to the ball, beautiful boy, bang-a-thon! Kinsley’s dick hungry hole gets got; and, Taylor’s tight tunnel gets stretched to the limit, as both boy’s deliver a downright delicious DP to the dude’s derrière. Most wouldn’t be able to carry on after that well filled fuck! But, our boys are hungry for more! Reece’s rump gets a righteously, raw ramming from Kai’s cock, as he takes Kinsley’s perfect piece down his thirsty throat. Naturally, this is about all the boys can take; and, they NEED to nut. Garrett’s covers Reece with goo; and, the gooey gas brings the boys to the brink! Jackson jizzes all over his twink torso; and, Kai comes in to cover the rest of his with a fresh coat of his cream. Spent, sticky, and satisfied, the sultry three wind up in a kissy, cum covered, pretty boy puddle of porn perfection. AND, Reece has some well built, new shelves to boot!


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