Taming Ezra Tanner

Silas Brooks has the tasty task of breaking in newbie, Ezra Tanner; and, he takes this raunchy-good responsibility very seriously! Lip locked with wandering, horny hands, the dick hungry duo explore one another. Tight bodied twink, Tanner breathes Brooks in, admiring every inch of him, as he slowly sinks to his knees to tease Silas’ supersizer over his underwear. After caressing the bulge building in Brooks’ boner holder, Ezra pulls at the overstuffed drawers, and releases the throbbing beast into his wet, warm, waiting mouth. Tanner takes in as much meat as possible; and, Brooks helps the lil’ hottie out with a hand to the back of the head, and hard hitting hips. Anxious to give the new guy the full treatment, Silas saunters down south. He kisses the boy’s bulge over his black undies, then slips those drawers down to reveal a supersized surprise! This lil’ twink is packin’ some SERIOUS heat! Silas feasts on the fine fella’s fatty, as Ezra fucks his handsome face.

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