Creamy Hole

Superstar stud, Josh Brady teaches tight, blond, newbie twink, Ezra Tanner a thing or two in this sizzling scorcher! With locked lips, the lusty lad, and the hung hunk heat things up right from the bulging beginning! Brady can’t keep his huge hands off the hottie’s horny hind end; and, Tanner can’t wait to take a taste of the porn king’s colossal cock. After their erotic lip lock, Ezra make his way down to dream land, where he lays a luscious licking down on Josh’s extra long schlong. After doing his best to swallow the big beast to the base, (which is no easy task) Brady orders the boy onto the bed. There, he teaches the young twink how one tickles the back of a thirsty throat with some serious sword swallowing. From there, it’s onto a Ezra’s incredibly smooth seat for our top titan. He delivers a delicious, deep dive into the tight bodied guy’s nearly virginal twink tunnel. With his handsome mug spit slick with sex, Josh jimmies his giant Johnson slowly into the sweet center of Tanner’s tightness. In no time, the naughty newbie is getting pounded like a porn pro, taking every hard hit the huge hogged hunk hammers out! Brady takes the dirty blond through the paces, putting a pleasurable pounding on that pretty pink pucker till Ezra absolutely explodes, coating his creamy, shredded six pack with sweet, salty, young stud spunk. The cum heavy load confection on Ezra’s tight, twink torso causes the superstar’s supersizer to spew a slew of spunk! He blasts pretty boy’s beautifully smooth, booty hole with big buckets of beefy- jock bust, which messages in for good measure. Tanner’s taint, and hot, freshly hammered hole wind up covered, with an epic, oozy load from our gorgeous, grade-A guy gusher; and, it is absolutely glorious.


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