Pool Table Tussle

Leaning back against a pool table, lookin’ like a luscious snack, sexy Silas Brooks, and new boy on the block, Billy Quinn set fire to the screen from the start. Gorgeously aggressive, Brooks grabs Billy by his beautiful face, as the pair kiss, and strip one another down. On a quest for cock, Quinn saunters down south, where he teases Silas with kisses over the underwear to that pulsing, pleasure piece of his. But, Brooks isn’t having it. He wants his dick sucked; and, he wants it done now! He grabs his diamond hard hog, and shoves it right in Quinn’s cock sucker; then, he pushes the pretty boy’s overstuffed pie hole down on that D even further, ordering him to, “choke on it!” Billy gets the message, and goes harder, sucking schlong like a savage. Satisfied, but hungry for some hog himself, Silas pantses the twink, causing his impressive pole to pounce right out into Silas’ wet, waiting mouth. He blows the boy like a beast, then spins him around, and plants his handsome mug deep in the lil’ dude’s extra smooth derrière. With his can warm, ready, and craving cock, Brooks buries his big, beefy bone deep in Billy’s back door. After a sensual start, Brooks bangs the boy up good, rough ramming him full of rod up against the pool table. Next, he maneuvers the small spinner onto his back, and bangs him out with his legs in the air. The pretty, porcelain bottom looks beautiful, wrapped up in ecstasy, his head thrown back, moaning like a bitch with Silas’ schlong slamming him hard. He grabs his juiced up jock, and pumps it till it gushes like a geyser, exploding in a glorious goo, that glazes his entire crotch. Silas takes the sexy sight in, as the twink’s tunnel twitches, and tightens around his incredible, ass ramming rig. He pulls out, then paints Quinn’s hindquarters with warm, raunchy ropes of sex spunk. He smacks his still hard hammer against Billy’s beautifully glazed glutes, and kisses him full, on those luscious lips.


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