Dream Boys

Twinkling lights strung around the bedroom create a delicious atmosphere, where “Dream Boys,” Jacob Hansen, and Ezra Tanner shine, and shimmer, burning bright with raw, uninhibited young lust. The chemistry is off the charts; as, the guys are completely wrapped up in one another physically, and mentally. The tight bodied, twink twosome tear into one another, locking lips, caressing hot, horned up, fresh flesh, and gripping glorious handfuls of hot, hungry ass, while clothes seem to melt away. After Hansen teases Tanner’s tight hole, the dirty blond slowly unwraps Jacob’s giant, protruding package. Ezra engulfs the epic, porn sized piece with that thirsty throat of his, caressing Jacob’s jizz filled jewels as he goes deep. The sloppy good suck sesh sends Hansen’s own hunger for dick into overdrive; and, he pushes the lil’ hottie onto the bed. Jacob pulls at the dude’s drawers, and out flops an impressively fat phallus, craving attention. Jacob delivers, deep throating the delicious dong, as Ezra goes between wide eyed wonder watching the erotic act, and absolute bliss, tossing his blond head back, as his hormones hit heaven. Giving pleasure excites hottie Hansen; and, our boy has a lot more tasty tricks up his sleeve! He tosses the twink’s legs in the air, and tongues that tight tailpipe, with some serious, superstar skill. Keeping the cutie’s legs in the air, Hansen stands, then plunges his piece in HARD, going balls deep on the first, thick dicked thrust! He delivers a devilishly delectable dicking, that absolutely demolishes the dude’s hot, horny hole. Ezra moans in erotic ecstasy, as waves of pleasure are pounded against his prostate. Once the twink is sufficiently tenderized, Hansen gets the gorgeous guy on all fours, then really puts a raunchy, raw railing down! Tanner looks back at the hard hitting top, with his hot, “fuck me boy face,” that just begs for more. Hansen is happy to deliver, and invites the tiny twink on top for a ride. The boy grabs his engorged gonads, giving us an incredible view of Jacob grinding his hips, and hog up into that well worked hole, slick with sex. Tanner’s tight tail has taken a biblical beating; and, his boner is about to burst. Lost in lust, he looses a bit of balance, and falls back on the bed to deliver an epically, erotic explosion! He grabs his juice filled jock, and milks the meaty monster till it erupts in a massive amount of spurting spunk! Jacob takes hold of his hard hammer, and heaves a hearty helping of jizz all over his bottom’s freshly drained sack. Then, he smacks some salty sex seed into his guy’s gorgeously gaped hole. Pure twink- porn perfection!


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