Messy Sheets

With wild, young hormones racing, beautiful twinks, Billy Quinn, and Sam Ledger are entangled in a tantric, tonsil tickling tryst right from the top of this beautiful, boy bang! In the middle of their sexy strip down, Sam smacks Quinn’s jockstrap clad can, caressing the ampla ass with pound heavy promises to come. Horned up, and anxious to get his ass filled, Quinn slides down to his knees, and teases Ledger’s lust filled loins over his drawers, before letting letting that fat phallus free. Quinn takes extra good care of the giant, curved cock, deep throating the D deliciously, as he looks up into Ledger’s eyes. After a job well done, Sam slides the crazy cute-cock sucker onto the bed, and buries his face in that incredibly smooth seat. Ledger licks, and tongue fucks the boy’s beautiful bum, while giving him a hot handy. Then, he asks, “can I fuck you?” Bills moans, “please do,” and an epic, jockstrap clad pounding ensues. Ledger lays pipe like a pro, making sure he own’s the boy’s ass before flipping the script, and asking for a bone of his own. Ledger leaps into doggy style; and, Quinn is happy to take the raw ramming reigns. Quinn really steps up to the plate, pummeling the pretty boy’s perfect posterior like a piston, before the boys switch back. Sam saunters back behind his boy, with big dick swag, then smashes that sexy backseat like a beast till Billy blows all over the bedsheets! Long, arched ropes of raw nut fly through the air, creating the perfect porny puddle, which Sam pushes him down into so he can bust! The brunette bone slinger explodes in ecstasy, all over Quinn’s still quivering hole; and it’s hot as Hell! After smacking his seed all over Billy’s back side, Ledger leans forward, and slips his seed coated cock back in Quinn’s tight confines. Then, he kisses the beautiful boy sweetly, on those lusty lips. Here’s hoping tomorrow is laundry day…… or not;)


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