Twink Stuffing

Derek Shaw holds hot twink, Ezra Tanner close as the two tear into one another with wild, passionate kisses. Shaw sheds his flannel shirt, then pulls the pretty blond’s long sleeve over his head. Derek’s jeans start to tighten, as his cock stiffens, creating magnetic heat that our boy, Ezra can’t stay away from. Derek’s deliciously deep voice murmurs, “suck my fucking dick,” sending Tanner to his knees, up for the challenge. Ezra swallows as much of the massive meat as he can, with some salacious encouragement from Shaw, who tells him, “you look pretty cute, with a dick in your mouth.” When Shaw finally pulls the lil’ dude up for air, he plants a kiss on him, smacks his ass, then orders him onto the bed. There, Tanner gets his smooth, tight tail tongued, in an epic ass eating, where Shaw shines like the top titan he is. Once he’s prepared that perfect pink pucker, Derek eases back on the bed, and orders up a raw ride from his boy’s wet, warm hole. Eager Ezra bounces on the beefy beast like it’s his birthday, moaning with pleasure as he pounds his pristine posterior down hard. Next, Derek orders his twink toy onto his back… “right fucking now.” Tanner does as he’s told, and is rewarded with a devilishly good dicking, and a toe sucking for his efforts. Shaw bends the boy up like a pretzel, manhandling the twink’s tight, tiny body around by the ankles, as he pleases, before easing Ezra’s legs over to the side for a sizzling smash. Coming into the scorching hot- home stretch, Shaw stretches Tanner’s legs spread eagle, giving us a glorious view of the twink, as he tugs his cock to completion! Creamy white gold gushes from the guy’s rock hard hog, coating his creamy complexion, as it soothes his sexy six pack. The sticky sight causes Shaw’s sack tighten, and he heaves a huge, hearty load all over Tanner’s trashed tail, covering that hot, pink hole with fresh, healthy, hunk-bust. He plunges his big beast back in the boy’s beautifully banged out back door, and kisses him once more.


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