Teenage Desire

It’s the holidays; and, tasty twink-sugarplum, dream team, Jimmy Andrews, and Ezra Tanner transport us on a porn-perfect, juicy journey in this jack worthy, wonderland. After a lil’ hottie hiatus, Andrews is back, in tip-top form, fornicating with tantalizing twink, Ezra Tanner. The young, holiday horn dogs start hot, and heavy, sucking face, before Ezra eases down to deliver a Christmas cock sucking to Jimmy’s giant. After showing off his impressive skill, Andrews envelops Ezra’s ample appendage, taking the twink’s tasty tripod all the way down his thirsty throat. Then, without missing a beat, the delicious, dirty blond tosses Tanner’s legs in the air, and eats that golden boy butt like the glorious holiday gift it is. Then, bottom boy takes the best seat in the house, and hammers his horned up hips down hard, crashing his courageous can on Andrews colossal cock like a good, hog hungry hottie. After, Andrews stands up, and smashes the sex star’s supple seat like a sexy Santa, delivering D to all the good boys. Jimmy jams his juice filled jock into his ecstasy filled-fuck boy like a beast, banging the beauty out on his back, and his then his side. Tanner takes his titanium hard hammer into his hands, and spanks it till spectacular amounts of holiday spunk spills fourth! The raunchy river runs down the side of his super sized slab, and onto his sexy six pack. Jimmy takes the sensation sight in, then uncorks his cum filled cock, and explodes all over Tanner’s freshly plowed tailpipe. The holiday hull is heavy with gorgeous-glistening, white-hot holiday goo. Andrews eases his beautiful body down onto Ezra; and, as the pretty pair drift into a white Christmas- cum covered coma, we say, to all a good night.


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