Give Me Moore

After making a supersized splash in his delicious, Helix debut, “Introducing,” Spikey Dee has been the naughty-boy name, every twink lover wants to taste on their tongue. Everyone wants more of the tight, toned, 129 pound, beautiful blue eyed, versatile boy, with the dangerously good dick. This is a special kind of cock; so, we matched him up with pretty boy/magic-mischief maker/meat taker, Cameron Moore. This magnificent, mouthwatering match-up boasts two budding superstars, similar in height, weight, and body type, who come together to FUCK! Pervy-plain, and succulently simple. A get down to dirty, delicious- boning business bangathon! And, with all those sexy similarities, the cock craving chemistry is off the ever-lovin’ charts! After a flirty make out, filled with sparks, Cameron surrenders to his knees. He worships Dee’s thick dick with wet, lip smackin’ reverence. He bows in respect to the perfect piece, while shoving that thick fucker deep down his thirsty cock sucker. Horned up, and hungry for hog himself, Spikey slobs on Moore’s meaty knob, as the boys arrange their tight twink bodies into a slobbery good 69. Curious to taste more of our new dude, Cameron plants his handsome mug right at the fresh faced stud’s smooth, pink pucker. He takes in the sultry, salty, sweaty young man musk, as he licks that smooth, sex hungry hole like a pro. After an expert priming, Moore maneuvers his massive meat between Spikey’s sweet cheeks, smackin’ each one as he drills deeper, and deeper. The new boy is in ecstasy, as his bottom is being expertly worked. Dee reaches back and spreads his incredible ass for a deeper drilling, before Cameron cracks him on the can, signaling him to turn onto his back. Dee does as he’s told, and receives a rightious, rigerous ramming in return! Trim, but very well worked out, Spikey’s sculpted physique hypnotizes, as he gets hammered hard! He moans, and whimpers, “yes,” tugging his huge dick with those tattooed, beautiful, bad-boy hands, as Cameron cocks him on the side. Moore’s mighty meat muscles our boy to absolute bliss; and, that big, beautiful, boner of his blows, cascading cum through the air in an arch before splashing on Dee’s chiseled chest. Several stray dick droplets glisten all over his body from the explosive climax, like delicious diamonds. Moore amps up the pulse in Dee’s twitching pucker, and he nuts deep in the naughty boy’s hot, lil’ hole. Cameron then pulls out, and gifts us with an unbelievable view of Spikey Dee’s freshly dicked, fuck hole. It’s smooth, pink, and gloriously gaped! There’s a sweet, satisfied, gooey shine covering that well serviced crevice, thank’s to Cameron’s colossal cock! There’s also a sweet shine, and gorgeous glimmer in our guy’s eyes. Sweet, blissful satisfaction.

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