Adam Reid

Through a sunlit, steamy room, pretty boy, Adam Reid comes into focus. The world stops as he turns his angelic face to meet your gaze. With full lips, and come fuck me eyes, the naughty nineteen year old tempts, and teases as he strips down, caressing his super smooth, thin frame, and overstuffed boxer briefs, packed full of porn-sized promises. Once Adam unpacks that perfect, uncut, eight inch piece, every promise is fulfilled with every sexy stroke. Then, the boy spreads that hairless hole, and shows you the way to heaven, before licking his fingers to fondle his full balls, and caress his chest. The camera even catches a glimpse of his gorgeous feet, before focusing on a the lad’s epic, extra large load, that shoots from his shaft in a way that only a nineteen year old can! The sexy, teen spunk spills, and seeps, hanging off the hottie’s heavy hog till this sultry, super soaked-stroke session closes on Adam’s satisfied, freshly nutted face.


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