Here he is again, our lad Smiles We can always count on him to give us a good show
with that colossal mammoth member of his! Everyone loves to see Smiles. No one can
get over his cock when it leaks all over the bed
He’s with Marcel. Absolutely gorgeous boy! Well groomed and damn handsome!! He’s a
bottom at heart ❤️ with some serious dom energy about him. All Smiles wanted was for
his cock to be worked, wanked and sucked until he blew his load. Our dominant bottom
asked us if we could tie Smiles up (we were obviously more than happy to comply with his
In fact, we almost thought he was gonna tie us up as well and milk us like cows! We
attached smiles’ wrists to the bed frame and our horny bottom took all of his dick for
himself. Smiles was helpless and could only watch as his penis grew and grew and got
edged into his bum! He was powerless to resist! But Smiles actually enjoyed getting his
dick serviced.

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