Jump on Jake BB Orgy

Jump on Jake orgy – countless guys doing Jakein the arse and leaving his bum
soaked with spunk! – REALLY CRAZY
Official Closing Party of Gran Can Fetish week – which is just an excuse for us to get
boys in and get their clothes off – and we found some REALLY CUTE BOYS whom would
let us show there face’s GREAT!!!!
But also we invited EVERYONE 2 cum and ‘jump on jake’ and do what ya want to him‍☠️
Remember these are all
✅REAL men
✅Members of the public
✅And Randoms
And a boy who looks spitting image of super man‍♀️(as in clark kent) you will know him
when you see him, his SUPER FIT, SUPER SEXY and Very SUPER MAN‍♀️
Littler 19yr Danny has learned his lesson from the last time and is NOT going to bottom
in there again! HAHAHA poor lad – so he pretended he was a top and bends sexy Jake
over (jakes unaware of what’s about to happen)
his Fucking Jake up the arse back in that lazy Suzan room area
AND OF course the crowds are starting to form again HEHEHE (i fuckingit)
Oh and it turns out Dannys actually a fucking hotu wanna see him fucking! REALLY
EVERYONES forming a que to cum n LOAD jakes arse
Then that Clark Kent looking boi – who’s absolutely beautiful Grad student, 20yr
Comes from nowhere (hope he didn’t jump the que) and forces his prick RAW
Up scallyChavys bum hole (thats jakes twitter handle in case u didn’t know)
Oh and that superman boy Has got the straightest dick, so fucking long its unreal, much be
8” or 9” easy and so god dam pretty (him and the dick)
After his spunked up Jake
That’s just the beginning



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