Safe sex lovers may find this content disturbing
Viewers “lacking in courage” may wish to look away now….


Once this bloke shoot his cum❄️ up the arse of my mate – he pulls
out and throws it to the floor – without the cam stopping, we wait
till he fucks off – then pick up that used Johnny and empty the
blokes spunk all over my cock and over this boys arse hole

I bareback him with that cum inside him for like less then 2 mins
and im SO TURNED ON I pull out and cum uncontrollably
(i cum shot loads cos im so turned on)

Adult material – not suitable for the faint-hearted

The lad I met is 100% model feature – way to good‍♂️
THIS BOY IS CRAZY! ‍♂️ Took me a while to find a fit fucking stunner who would be up 4 it
though – Most the lads I meet said theres ❌ NO FUCKING WAY ❌ they would pick a spunked in Johnny up off the floor and stick it up there ares LOL
Dont know whats wrong with them – I think Its well horny….

HOWEVER – found this ex runway model – absolutely truly beautiful boy – right character –
REALLY sexual and loves it RAW
❗️TIP – when ever ya go to gay cruzing area theres alway sex paraffinalia laying around – and near all that is where u can find discarded used johhnyies


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