Kameron Frost and Kevin Sportwear

Blond, mega-hung porn god Kameron Frost regularly finds himself patrolling the sweat-lined corridors of Parisian sex clubs. He knows there’s always a treat waiting for him somewhere in the darkened network of passageways and cabins. This time, his treat comes in the form of Kevin Sportwear, a super-sexy lad with a muscle body to die for. This beefy bottom is trussed up in a sling and ready for sleaze.

Kameron, of course, doesn’t need to ask permission. He knows Kevin wants it, and neither of them are there to waste time. Kameron’s got a riding crop and he uses it quite brutally on Kevin— slapping, poking and sliding it seductively up and down the beefy boy’s body.

After he’s had his fill of lashing and abusing strung-up Kevin, Kameron goes nuts-deep inside the bottom. He bangs him viciously with his nine-inch power tool. Kameron’s stamina is world class; he can slam his dick in and out of a tight hole for hours when he’s in the mood. And, boy is he in the mood! These two find a brutal rhythm that leaves them both eye-rolling panting—this is long-dicking at its absolute finest.

Kameron pulls out and feeds his dick into Kevin’s hungry mouth, thrusting it in and out repeatedly until he’s ready to blow. Kameron shoots a vast amount of watery semen right across Kevin’s well-defined chest before pulling his underpants back up and casually walking away, leaving the bottom to finish himself off alone— or until the next Euro stud comes around to take advantage of him, at least.