Dog Ryan and Kader Jawell

Dog and Kader are red-blooded roomies who just can’t seem to get enough of one another. They’re supposed to be heading to a night in the clubs, but what’s the point in going out on the town when you’ve got the real deal living in your apartment? Besides, both of these dudes are obsessed with shiny sports gear, and that’s not a fetish you find every day of the week.

Kader discovers Dog in the bathroom and makes it abundantly clear that he’s feeling horny and is up for a bit of sleaze. Bald Dog obediently drops to his knees and starts to suck Kader’s impressive dick. Kader loves it when Dog wraps his soft lips around his rock-hard penis. Few people in the world give such immensely satisfying head. Maybe it’s a chemistry thing. Maybe it’s the pierced tongue. Maybe it’s his pig-like ability to take a dirty dick all the way down his throat without gagging.

They’re banging mercilessly within minutes. Kader pushes his upward-curving dick deep into Dog’s hungry ass and starts to plow him. It takes everything Dog can do to keep breathing as his ass is violently torn apart. This is epic, animalistic sex. Will they ever be able to bring themselves to leave the apartment again?

Kader pulls out and the two men jerk frantically before firing their giant, creamy, sexy loads!