Fabien Footeux and Fab Kiffeur

So what happens when two horned-up, hot nasty boys find themselves in an attic watching TV on a cold Saturday evening? Sex, of course. And lots of it! Fabien and Fab both love sports gear and are both pretty much dressed to kill in shiny track pants which rustle and shimmer as they move.

They make out passionately, legs wrapped around each other, ripping off their sneakers and taking great gulps of the sweaty stench coming from within. Fab soon finds himself sucking Fabian’s tasty toes before turning his attention to his friend’s meaty dick. Fabian returns the favor and they rapidly enter a near frenzy of frantic sexual activity.

In the end it’s Fab who gets to top Fabian. They’ll no doubt spend the rest of the evening reversing the roles, but for now Fab is banging as fast and hard as his hips and huge dick will allow. He goes at it like a dog on heat; relentlessly rutting and slamming until Fabian is groaning like a whore, gasping for more, helplessly snorting Fab’s sneakers like an addict.

Fab throws Fabian onto his back and continues to tear his ass apart, simultaneously tonguing the bottom boy’s toes.

The two men fling themselves at the couch and start to feverishly jerk themselves off. Fab is the first to cum; a giant jet of the sticky stuff flies out of his dick, coating Fabian’s muscular thigh with a blanket of semen. Fabian deposits his load on Fab’s sneaker. Frankly, it would be rude to shoot anywhere else considering it played such an important role in the encounter.