Apprentice Tate, Chapter 2: The Interview

Apprentice Tate frustrated me within seconds of walking into his interview. The boy is stunningly attractive but there was something about his demeanor—and arrogance—which immediately got my back up…

I cut to the chase, demanding he remove his clothes. But, the moment he stood up and started suggestively tinkering with his belt, I realized he was trying to play me.

I feigned disinterest but removed my jacket so that he could get a sense of the shape of my body underneath my well-tailored shirt. He’d plainly gotten used to being wanted by every man who saw him, so it was time for him to experience the sensation of wanting someone else.

I informed him that I was going to restrain him before sitting him down and securing his hands behind his back. I could sense that his penis was beginning to swell.

I ran my fingers up and down his chest, brushing his nipples seductively until he was gasping. I teased him mercilessly, instructing him to repeatedly admit that he was aroused by my touch. Then I pulled his dick out of his fly and sucked it. He started groaning uncontrollably.

I pushed his garments down and pulled one of his ankles onto my thigh, so that he was spreading his legs in an obscenely sexual way. I licked my finger and pushed it into his beautiful hole before using a dildo on him, just to give him the merest sensation of what he could expect if he played his cards right…