Apprentice Tate, Chapter 3: The Calling

I called Apprentice Tate into my office and instructed him to drink from the ceremonial vessel. The boy is tall and extremely handsome. As I walked around him—touching wherever I pleased—I sensed excitement, vulnerability and a deep desire to please.

He needed to know that I had expectations, and that his duty was to please me as much as he was being pleasured by me. I removed my tie and shirt. I’ll confess: I’ve rarely felt such a powerful interest in an Apprentice, and, as a result, I allowed the dynamic to change between us.

I stood behind him and undid his pants, letting them fall to the ground, before instructing him to get onto the desk and present his ass to me. He has a beautiful butt which I immediately started to rim. I pulled him down from the desk and encouraged him to lean over it. The look on his face changed as soon as he realized what was about to happen.

I stood up again and lined my big dick up with his hole, managing to push the entire length into him in one fairly swift movement. His ass felt incredible. Tight. Warm.

An unquenchable desire to fuck him into the ground engulfed me and I started to pound him with great force. I got him onto his back so that I could look into his beautiful, pale blue eyes. He plainly desired me as much as I desired him, and the look of excitement on his face brought me closer and closer to orgasm…


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