Apprentice Tate, Chapter 5: The Covenant

From the moment Apprentice Tate crawled into the room in his flimsy ceremonial robe, I knew we were going to have fun. I instructed him to wash me, looking smugly over my shoulder at Master Snow who was being forced to play second-fiddle to me on this occasion.

Young Tate carried out his business with beautiful precision. His task was to demonstrate servitude by washing my feet, and he did this with a deeply sensuous, seductive touch. The room was utterly silent except for the sound of the boy’s breathing, which became increasingly labored as his desire for me increased.

I undid the tie on his robe and allowed the fabric to slide off his shoulders and drift to the ground. I dropped to the floor and started to suck him. I took his meat to the back of my throat, almost swallowing him whole; he was soon panting in ecstasy.

I sat down on the bed expectantly. Apprentice Tate fell obediently to his knees, gently relieving me of my underwear before starting to work his magic. The boy sure knows how to deep throat. I flung him onto his back and Master Snow held the Apprentice’s legs for me. I shoved my dick into his guts and began to skewer him like a demon possessed. He grunted and gasped uncontrollably.

Within a few minutes I’d gotten Apprentice Tate onto all fours and was pounding him from behind. Master Snow stood in front and pulled his giant dick out of his pants. The boy sucked it masterfully. I could feel the semen rising in my balls…