Apprentice Roux, Chapter 4: Anointing

Apprentice Roux hovered nervously by the door, trying to work out if he was permitted to enter so I smiled and instructed him to come in. I set about anointing him as delicately and sensuously as I could, staring into his large, lavender eyes as I ran my oil-covered fingers over every inch of his silk-smooth body… He was nervous, yet highly aroused.

Kneeling, I carefully pulled his robe aside and was greeted by an impressively erect penis. And how I teased that boy’s dick, using my tongue to taste, tantalize and tickle him before taking him deep into my throat.

I pushed him onto all-fours and began to lick his crack. The sensation drove him wild. There was no point in delaying matters. My dick was throbbing and glistening with pre-cum and his ass was open and ready. I knelt behind him and pushed myself far into his tight, innocent body, penetrating him harder and deeper with every stroke until I realized I was perilously close to prematurely busting my nut.

I pulled out and instructed him to lie on his back with his legs in the air, pushing down against his thighs and staring into his ecstatic eyes as I fucked him like a stag in autumn, engulfed by a frenzy of pure lust.

He grabbed his dick and started to jerk himself. His breathing became increasingly labored and then, without warning, I felt his ass muscles spasming around my cock as ribbons of semen flew from his dick…