The Mafia, Chapter 1: Staghomme Origins

The camera begins to roll and I’m totally comfortable being filmed, but it’s when Manuel joins me in front of the camera that surprises me. He wants a video he can share with whomever the mob is in cahoots with this month. A show and tell of sorts.

He grabs the back of my head and kisses me aggressively, Manuel’s tongue invading my mouth before I can even feel his lips on mine. I massage his growing member through the tough fabric of his pants and feel his own hands move. Manuel’s fingers slide down my waistband and plunge into my smooth crack, getting me excited.

I can feel his growing throbber under the fabric, and then pulls it out. His cock is thick with an uncut hood that proudly slides back and forth against the tip.
Manuel bends me over to start fucking me, spreading me open with that thick dick. He uses his finger to catch precum oozing off of the tip, smearing it across my face and watching me lap it up. He even dives his face into my used hole to taste the precum himself!

I started to get hard from the pounding and the mafia member grabbed my dick and started stroking it, too. So it wasn’t all about getting himself off, but rather Manuel thrived on knowing he was the one responsible for giving his partner the ultimate pleasure.


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