Drainage Excavation

Wataru’s quite new to the fisting scene, but anxious to experience it. Blindfolded with legs spread wide, he waits nervously to lose his fisting bottom virginity. Yoshi steps out of the dark, teasing Wataru by licking his entire body. Wataru’s body trembles each time Yoshi’s tongue unexpectedly slides across a new erogenous zone. Wataru warmed up, Yoshi begins working on his tight virgin hole.

One by one Yoshi’s fingers disappear into the greedy asshole. Yoshi’s lubed-up hands spread Wataru’s narrow pussy bit by bit. Finally ready, Wataru takes Yoshi’s fist, screaming in pleasure he’d never felt before. As Yoshi’s fists move around inside him, Wataru’s moans grow louder. Yoshi’s fists hitting his prostate make Wataru push them back out, but now he’s obsessed with a fist up his ass. For his reward, Yoshi pisses on Wataru. His body drenched in fresh hot piss, Wataru pisses himself as well.


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