Scout Logan, Chapter 5: Campsite

Scoutmaster St. Michael and I find alone time whenever we’re out and about. We always manage to find an excuse to slip away from the group and head to his tent.

I love it when he pushes me onto all fours and I hear the sound of him unzipping his shirt. I always close my eyes, knowing the next thing I’m going to feel is his tongue flickering over my ass cheeks before sliding into my tight hole. My body immediately starts to tingle with anticipation, knowing that, moments later, he’s going to push himself into me and I’m gonna feel that overwhelming sense of one-ness with him.

We change positions all the time. He’s incredibly inventive. Sometimes I sit on his lap and ride him hard, sometimes he opts for something far more athletic… just to show off, I suppose!

I think he likes it most when I lie on my side and he can spoon me from behind while grinding himself into me. The feeling of his arms wrapped around my body is so intimate.

He always cums large amounts deep inside me—so much so that it takes an age to come back out again. Sometimes he comes up to me a few hours later and whispers in my ear, asking if it’s dripping into my underpants. It usually is!