Scout Ethan, Chapter 5: Learning the Ropes

Young Ethan is gifted in many ways, but knot-tying is not his natural skill! The other day, after failing to learn yet another very basic knot, he became frustrated and very tense. I found myself absent-mindedly massaging his shoulders in response and, well… one thing led to another, and before long we were making out.

Man, I love kissing that boy and will never get tired of doing so. My dick instantly sprang to action. I found myself standing behind him, unbuckling his shorts and casually allowing them to fall to the forest floor, exposing his peachy ass.

I dropped to my knees and started to eat him out, spreading his cheeks with my fingers and getting my tongue deep into his hole. I would have banged him there and then if the boy hadn’t swung around and sucked me like a pro. If only there was a badge for deep-throating!

We’d set up a table in the woods and I pushed him onto it with his legs spread wide. By that point I was so horny that all I could do was sink my rock-hard dick deep into his hole, pounding him powerfully and fast.

I pulled out and leaned against the table, encouraging him to stand in front of me and push himself backwards onto my dick. It’s a position I love. The downside is that it’s also a position which takes me over the edge!