International Scout Boys, Chapter 4: Contraband

In the last few days I’ve gotten real friendly with one of the Spanish Scouts on our exchange trip. His name is Angel and he’s incredibly handsome. Last night we shared a room and he confessed that he’s into dudes as well. I showed him a magazine I’d found which was full of erotic pictures of sexy guys, and we kissed.

We were caught by Scoutmaster Patrick, who confiscated the magazine, then asked all sorts of embarrassing questions about what we’d done while looking at it. The next thing I knew he was casually undoing the buttons of my shirt, and telling me that he wanted to see me and Angel making out.

I could hear Scoutmaster Patrick undressing. Then I felt the insanely intense sensation of his tongue fluttering over my hole. He carefully guided me towards a table and encouraged me to half-mount it so that my ass cheeks were wide apart. He teased me a little with his dick and then started to push it in.

After banging me real hard, he withdrew and called Angel over. I assumed he wanted to have a go on him as well, but it soon became clear that he actually wanted me to do the honors. I wasn’t sure to begin with but some sort of carnal instinct engulfed me…

Angel’s body tensed as I slid into his ass. Seconds later, I felt the Scoutmaster pushing his dick against my hole…